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Welcome to Avantgarde creative solutions a Bangalore-based  3D Visualization &  production studio

We provide services for 3D visualization, Animation, product configuration, Assets for AR/VR and VR 360 development. The complete set of services for digital production makes us an ideal partner for businesses with high-demands and capacity needs. The production workflow can be used to create content for a variety of services – from product pictures to full resolution film and VR.


About us

Avantgarde creative solutions believes in the power of imagination and technological prowess to create something new and radical. A group of friends got together with their canny perspectives towards 3D architectural visualization and animation. The team at Avantgarde creative solutions is headed by visionaries who are passionate about their fields. A team of dedicated professionals work at Eyecon, which include 3D rendering experts, graphic designers, visualizers, animators and so on. Driven by core values of dedication, quality assurance and sound professionalism, we have a pool of talented designers, animators, and other multi-skilled trained personnel who have successfully executed major 3D rendering projects. Not only have we offered effective solutions, but also value-addition by guaranteeing efficiency and quality.

We aim to create exceptional 3D images at affordable prices and to deliver them on time. Avantgarde creative solutions' bring new client's conceptual designs to life through virtual 3D computer generated architectural renderings, visualizations and animations. Avantgarde creative solutions will provide you exactly what you have imagined. We will try to bring more life to your product and bring it more to reality using 3D technology. We provide high quality of architectural 3d modelling and rendering services. We help you to visualize buildings, landscapes, interiors, exteriors as though it were already built or produced.

What we do

3D Exterior


3D exterior rendering design will visualize and build your project prototype on online portfolios and paper presentations even before the actual construction commences. 

Our 3d Exterior Designer Artist is expert in all type of exterior Design like Hotels, Resort, Buildings and residential Properties. we also expert in modelling design services for low budget project.


 3D floor plan is very handy tool for Architects , Property Developers, realtors and many more. Our services can make magical effect on property buyers to buy seeing our made Isometric Images. Customers get better and instant idea about any plan through 3D floor plans. 

3D Interior & Virtual Staging


We can enrich your marketing promotion for you commercial and residential Properties, Hotel and Retail buildings. We design photorealistic 3D Architectural Rendering views. Avantgarde creative solutions is one of the leading Architectural Animation Company providing HD quality architectural rendering services.

It allows your clients to virtually step inside your creation. Interior renders can be created and enhanced to reveal all the details of your interior design or architectural project, including the use of space, lighting, furnishings, color, and décor. We can present every angle of a fully furnished room and set different atmospheres, enabling clients not only to see but also to feel how it would be like to be inside this space.

 3D interior renders are great for marketing and pre-selling, too. You do not have to set up a showroom nor wait for project completion so you can take photos of the structure; professional 3D designers can produce interior 3D renders that you will not be able to distinguish from the real photo.    

AR/VR,Mixed reality & VFX


 We are providing high quality AR/VR, holographic and VFX services  To support businesses connecting with the ever changing digital consumer we design and develop customized apps for AR and VR product presentations. The apps and solutions are hosted in a secure cloud for world-wide consumer access and advanced analytics. 

Now comes to the Holographic displays  this is the era of virtual and mixed reality and this practical technology can be used in number of business and product promotions for industries like Jewelry, furniture design, Shopping malls for product displaying, engineering industry, manufacturing Industries, Vehicle design, computer games and medical industry for a detailed presentation of organs.


our services

3D Modeling

  • Expertise in developing all type of 3D Models
  • Product model, Character model, Furniture Design
  • Web based 3D product design
  • Home Interior, Exterior and Floor Plan 3D Modeling, Virtual Staging 
  • Character models (gaming, assets),  
  • 3d architectural modeling  

Augmented reality / Mixed reality & Game Design

  • Holographic units Visual assets development
  • Augmented reality apps  
  • Augmented reality advertising
  • 3D game assets making  
  • VR / MR Assets development

CGI Designing

  • 2D/3D Animation production
  • Visual Communication
  • Info-graphics (videos & illustrations)
  • Logo Identity
  • App development
  • UI/UX development
  • WEB applications 
  • WEB designing


3D rendering. Why it is must

3D modelling is always a better thing than 2D images. There are several reasons for the same. The first one is getting a clear and complete picture of the project, object or product. Three dimensional modelling is preferred by engineering companies, real-estate and construction companies, etc. 

A company cannot take risks by presenting just 2D images. Prospective consumers are not able to imagine the project in the same way as the construction companies do. This is because it is quite difficult that every person gets the same picture as the architect. Here comes the role of 3D. It helps imagine the future appearance of the project while inviting people to invest in the same.

  • Continuous improvement in the field of 2D/3D content creation.
  • Always remain a reliable partner for our customers.
  • Provide the best cooperation conditions keeping our clients from going to our competitors.
  • Build long-term relationships with our customers, leading to mutual success.


Customer Focus

 Our clients are our supreme value. Interests of our clients are our top priority and we always fulfill our obligations.We are aiming to establish long-term partnership relations with clients based on mutual trust. A client becomes our partner after fixed project duration and therefore gets undeniable benefits  

 At ACS, we are very much concerned about quality and make sure that every project accomplished at its best effort and reached the client requirement.


Exclusive benefits of outsourcing services to Avantgarde Creative Solutions (ACS)

We specialize in providing high quality Architectural visualization services to professional architects/Schools/Builders and developers. Our services include AR/VR 3D product modeling and animation, 3D architectural visualization, 3D walk through, 3D floor plan and 3D landscape walk-through,Holographic units and assets development, website, logo design for a diverse clientele nationwide at reasonable prices.

  • Dependability and well-timed Service delivery
  • Judicious project execution and management
  • Complete adherence to customer guidelines
  • Creative and prudent strategies
  • Competitive pricing
  • Confidentiality of data guaranteed

Over all services we offering signed Documentation for secure data and assets transaction. 

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